Neezy Technologies is an investment house focused exclusively on the global e-game industry, which we define as the $200 billion–plus online market that includes pari-mutuel, skill based and online competition type games.

The company specializes in global equity and high yield investment into start up as well as established e-comm technology houses. Neezy Technologies ensures that all our brands operate in an ethical manner and with a mandate of providing transparent and legitimate services.

Founded in 2011, Neezy Technologies is managed by stakeholders with over 40 combined years of e-gaming experience with European offices in Cyprus. Our Shareholders Council also comprises of peer nominated members from six nationalities.

"Neezy Technologies have used their commercial experience within the highly competitive online competition industry to maximize revenue channels for optimal and sustainable growth"
Richard Blomquist
Private Equity Investment Manger


The e-comm game sector is a hugely competitive industry. If you’re not first with unique offerings, you’re never going to be an industry leader. Neezy Technologies prides itself in bringing industry leading games to the consumer through intelligent, out of the box thinking.

for players

We deliver games with exceptional quality, within tight budgets and with the fastest time to market possible. Our goal being to power some of the worlds biggest online competition games, and play to win more customers more profitably than any other technology company globally.

Investment Procedure

Neezy Technologies conducts feasibility studies using detailed financial modelling and legislator impact per target country to analysis potential revenues, cash flows and net income of each of our games.

  • Feasibility Studies – Analysis of the viability of a proposed project or including revenue, cash flow and ROI projections.
  • Financial Analysis – Analysis of equity flow, projections, cash sources and uses of cash and liquidity relative to each game.
  • Fairness Feasibility – Conduct fairness opinions for gaming transactions, including a merger, partial equity buyout or asset sale.
  • Legal Studies – In-depth market studies of all gaming jurisdictions worldwide, including market revenue projection. Presentation to legislative and regulatory bodies to better understand the market impact of proposed gaming legislation.

Key Stakeholders

Operations Director – Richard Goldstein

Richard has a rich history in gaming technology which started with family in the UK and spread to Spain several years ago. His high energy, fast paced and outcome orientated focus has enabled him to invest in many high yielding projects across the internet based games industry.

COO- Damian Whitehall

Damian  joined Neezy as COO in May 2012. He has a wealth of technology, leadership and service expertise in IT, e-comm and e-game services.

CFO- Nicholas Davidson

Nicholas is a qualified Chartered Tax Advisor and Management Accountant with over ten years commercial experience in a variety of finance roles. He was formerly Financial Controller with Nika Technology Group, an international software development company.


We look for exceptional ability and a track record of accomplishment. We’re most interested in innate qualities-problem solving, personal impact, achieving and leadership-that make a lasting difference.

Individuals looking to build on specialised e-Commerce skill or broaden opportunities and experience. 


Every gaming sector industry is unique. In this regard you’ll spend your time identifying issues, forming hypothesis, designing and conducting analysis, distilling conclusions and presenting conclusions to senior management.


You’ll work closely with our brands, partake in brainstorming sessions, to implement best practice gaming solutions whilst always displaying clear, measurable commercial awareness.

Our application and interview process is rigorous, no matter what side of the table you’re on. For us we must identify the very best candidates for our firm. For you it’s critical that you find the career path that makes most of your strengths while fulfilling your interests.

Contact Us

Physical Address | Neezy Technologies Ltd, 7th Floor, 2-4 Capital Centre, Nicosia, Cyprus. 1065

Email Enquires| Ms Robin Papadopoylos | rob (@)


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