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Our B2C Lottery management solution is a unified platform simplifying your lottery, raffle, and sweepstakes management needs. This all-encompassing tool streamlines the process of handling various lottery games, allowing you to focus more on growth and less on the technicalities.

CRM Features

Campaign reporting and financial monitoring tools. Comprehensive view of customer interactions. Data-driven decision-making for campaigns and budgeting. Increases ROI through optimized marketing strategies.


Built on a Laravel framework for scalability. Ability to grow with the business. Future-proofs the technology investment. Enables sustainable business growth without requiring constant tech overhauls.

Synced Call Centers​

Fully integrated MOTO sales platform. Real-time synchronization with lottery platform. Streamlined sales and customer service operations. Reduce operational costs while improving customer satisfaction.

Payment Processing

Multi-payment methods and filters. Flexibility in transaction methods. Higher conversion rates due to customer convenience. Drive revenue growth by reducing transaction friction.

Financial Reporting

Detailed CPA and Average Basket Per Player metrics. Deep insights into financial performance. Informed decisions for resource allocation. Optimize profitability by focusing on high-impact areas.

Unique Products

Single play, syndicate, and bundled product options. Diverse set of offerings. Higher customer acquisition and retention. Sustains long-term revenue through a diversified product


Dynamic pricing based on location and currency. Personalized user experience. Increase conversion rates. Boosts revenue by offering attractive price points to a global customer base.

Promotional Tools

Tools designed for customer acquisition and retention. Tailored marketing strategies. Increase your customer base and keep them engaged. Elevate revenue by both attracting new customers and maintaining existing ones.