Working exclusively with key partners to provide world leading online lottery game technology and turnkey management, backed by 15 years of B2C success.


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  • Pioneers in lottery software since 2004
  • Easy to use interface
  • SANS accredited and tested
  • Intuitive back office tools
  • Proven promotional tools to enhance acquisition & retention
  • High jackpot values backed by AAA rated insurance
  • Proven >70% GGR Product
  • Low withdrawal rates

About Neezy Technologies

In 2004 Neezy Technologies (then known as Mika Online Ltd) was one of the first technology companies to explore the international online lottery market.

Since those early days, Neezy Technologies has powered some of the world's most recognized lottery platforms.

Bottom line is that we love the online lottery industry and have quietly gone about our business whilst playing a key role in the evolution of the online lottery industry. We ensure partners operate in an ethical manner and with a mandate of providing transparent and legitimate services.

We’re an established operation with robust management and processes in place born from hard learnings being at the forefront of B2C lottery trading. In addition, we have anticipated market and regulatory trends and devised intelligent, scalable solutions to both counter and grow within the market, our directors maintaining a results-driven mandate at the core of their commercial decisions and strategic partnerships.

Best in field, scalable lottery platform software

Best in field, scalable lottery platform software. We have been building premium lottery/ raffle and sweepstake software since 2004. Our latest incarnation being the net result of our extensive learning into what drives the lottery market, what customer expect and ultimately, what operators require to make extract the most value from each and every hard won acquisition.